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Here are some examples of our latest work. 
American Water Marrianville PA
September 2011
13,500 Gallon Tank-Full Fill
12,000 Gallon Tank-Full Fill
25,500 Total Storage Capacity
Columbus, OH
(2) -18,000 Gallon Tanks 
Temporary Pump Station
Hydro-Pnuematic control tank 1,000 gallons
(4)-Hydro-Pnuematic strogage tanks 4,400-7,500-2,600-6,000Ossinging NY  *
August 2011  *
Picture of the 15,500 gallon tank connected to a single fire hydrant.  The total storage for this project was 21,050 gallons.Berlin Lake OH 
Army Corp. Engineers
3 Portable Tanks Used
6,000 gallon
2,950 gallon
2,600 gallon 
the three tanks where tied to gether by 2-1/2 NST Hose and ran Hydro-Pnuematicly with a garden hose connected to the 6,000 tank and to the transducer to control the pumpsGlen Dale WV 
August 2011
3 tanks utilized
13,500 gallon Hydro-Pnuematic 
6,600 gallon Hydro-Pnuematic 
4,400 gallon Hydro-Pnuematic 
24,500 gallons total storage capacity
The three tankers were connected to the system through fire hydrants at three locations spread through out the city.Charlestown, MD
15,500 Gallon Hydro-Pnumatic Tank 
the second tank in the picture was the 2,950 gallon tank that was taken to Prince Fredrick MDPA DCNR - Frances Slocumb State Park 2006
7,500 gal Hydro-Pnuematic TankBerlin OH
18,000 gallon tank -full fill with a small pump that pumped the water from the 18,000 gallon tank to the 4,400 gallon Hydro-Pnuematic tank which maintained system pressure.  A 9,500 gallon tanker was utilized to haul water from the neighboring townBlissfield MI
18,000 gallon Hydro-Pnuematic tank connected to one single fire hydrant with (4) 2-1/2" NST hosesStonewood WV
6,000 Hydro-Pnumatic Tank
City pumps controled by Pressure switch which took reading from our tank.  This was a very remote site.   Nasonville RI
1,750 Hydro-Pnuematic tank 
Eglin Air Force Base Florida
2008 to 2009
7 different set-ups for this project.
Tanks ranging from 1,750 gallon Hydro-Pnuematic tank to 6,600 gallon Hydro-Pnuematic tank.Tangier Island VA
3 tanks were utilized on this project
4,400 Gallon Hydro-Pnuematic
2,950 gallon Hydro-Pnuematic
2,600 gallon Hydro-Pnuematic
Connected to various fire hydrant through out the island.  
A barge was used to transport the tanks to and from the IslandMason County WV
18,000 gallon complete fill
a garden hose from the 18,000 gallon tank to the transducer was used to control the pumps.   This was a very remote site and on a hill which required the use of a dozer to get into place.  The plumbing that connected the tank to the system was 4" PVCCheltenham MD
April 2010  *
18,000 gallon tank hydro-Pnuematic.  *
Connected to the system through (2) 2-1/2" nst hose to a single fire hydrant.Full line of pressure relief valves Wet tapping machine 
We have the ablit y to wet tap up to 2" holesMorrow OH
(3) Hydro-Pnuematic tanks were used with a small Hydro-Pnuematic that was placed in the pump house to control two pumps as lead and lag.  The pumps were controled by two pressure switchesSummerfield OH
6,600 gallon Hydro-Pnuematic tank connected to a fire hydrant
This project required us to set-up a pressure recorder for one week to get precise readings during normal operation.
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