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About Portable Water Systems, LLC
With a complete line of Hydro-Pnuematic Pressure Tanks we can offer a varitey of ways to help maintain a water system during your maintance projects.  We currently have the ability to provide over 94,000 gallons of temporary storage capacity from our Ohio facility and can team up with Tomcat Consultants (who we are an agent for) to be able to provide over 200,000 gallons of total storage capacity.  We have portable pump stations that have been utilized on projects and we can build a portable pump station to suit your needs.  

As a representative agent of Tomcat consultants we also offer water storage tank accessories, including frost/insect proof vents for all types and sizes of water storage tanks.  The vents can be manufactured from aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel.  Overflow flap gate assemblies,  shell hatches, roof hatches, and freeze proof valves are other tank accessories that are aviable in standard sizes or we can build to suit your needs.

Portable Water Systems, LLC also offers Triple Check Positive Retention Circulation Systems as manufactured by T.A.P. Co. Patent no. 6,237,629.  The circulation system reduces or eliminates tank sweating which reduces mold growth and dirt accumulation.  This system reduces ice build up which in turn reduces ice damage to the protective coating systems, overflow weir boxes, ladders, and hatches.  Also the Triple Check Positive Retention Circulation System circulates the water and prevents thermal stratification which reduces the probability of a positive bac-T water sample.  The cost to operate the circulation system is zero $.

24" Aluminum Frost/Insect proof Water Storage VentVent with top cover off  *
Vent assembledThe top picture is the vent with a securtiy guard tht keeps the screens from being vandalized.  The bottom picture is the vent dismantled to show the simple components of the vent24" dia. shell hatch with bolted flange lid and davit arm installed onto a muti-column elevated water storage tank.  This vent is a carbon steel vent.No Freeze Valves*
Standard sizes are 3" and 4" nptOverflow pipe discharge ends *
Avaiable in:
4"  *
5"  *
6"  *
8"  *
10"  *
12"  *
We can build to suitCompleted Triple Check Positive Retention Circulation System  * 500,000 gallon Standpipe  *
Cranberry Township, PA 2008Completed Triple Check Positive Retention Circulation System  *
500,000 gallon standpipe water storage tank.  *
Picture from roof hatch while the tank is filling.  *
Cranberry Township, PACompleted Triple Check Positive Retention Circulation System  *
Showing the inlet check valves that allow water into the tank at 2/3 of the height of the tank.  Also showing the bottom check valves that let the water back into the distribution system.Outlet check valves that let the water go back into the distribution system.